Accessories from our collections

Oberlé Opticians offers a variety of fashionable accessories to accompany every look and style from chains to magnifiers and leather goods.


The La LOOP collection of necklaces marries form and function. Put your glasses on, and you are wearing a stylish accessory. Take your glasses off, and La LOOP necklaces keep them at your fingertips. Patented for utility and design, the 360-degree hinges on either side of the loop keep your glasses in place. The hinges allow the loop to lay flat and the necklace part to move independently; and, gravity will keep the glasses securely in the loop.

La LOOP is our original higher-end collection, expanding each season with of-the-moment designs. With top quality materials including Italian leather, sterling silver, and precious stones, La LOOP is the most useful piece of fine jewelry you’ll ever own.