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Gold & Wood

At Gold & Wood, the family spirit is engrained in the culture and DNA. Maurice Leonard CEO of the Maison has four children.  All have been influenced and moved by the sensory experience and touched by the soul of the company. Over the years, many visits have been made to their fathers workshop, the experience of the smells, the uniqueness of the noble materials and the atmosphere that the expert craftsman have provided, reigns supreme in this place where time does not count…the passion had been realized. Melissa is the eldest daughter of Mr. Leonard.  She expertly maneuvers with the numbers and optimizes the management of the company with talent. Francois his second son, is having the opportunity to experience and explore various positions within the company, will ensure an eventual emeritus. Jacques Leonard, is the brother of Maurice.  Jacques commands the process of production and works directly with our Master Optician Craftsmen to ensure the pristine implementation of our eyepieces right to the point they are placed in their case to ship to our loyal customers.

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