Sculptural styling fused with precious metals. Only Bentley can offer a limited edition range fashioned from 18 kt gold & platinum. Eyewear that is elevated to jewellery status discretely presented behind Modern elegance. Comprising “Mulsanne” & “Continental” Collections. The pinnacle of true luxury, only available to few. A celebration of exclusive beauty & prestige.

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Connoisseurs B-624 RGD

Once again Oberle opticians is the first in all of North America to introduce Bentley eyewear. Designed in close collaboration with the Bentley design team these sunglasses and eyewear have been designed in perfect match with the exclusive auto collection. Leather cases to fit the dash of the automobiles with the identical interior colors so that they match in harmony.

  • Each design in custom made to order, by hand, in gold or platinum making Bentley eyewear the optimum in luxury.
  • Available in titanium, wood and buffalo horn as well.
  • Bentley eyewear the opposite of mass production.


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